Thursday, 18 September 2014

The terrible Twos - So soon? But she's 14 months!

So I didn't expect baby tantrums to be something I'd be writing about so soon.  But I can't help it after little miss Ammarah decided to cause her self a little scene at a restaurant a week ago. By that I mean laying on the floor infront of the huge glass door refusing to let me pick her up - oh and screaming at the top of her lungs - LOL.  I was surprisingly calm about it (have to say that's very much my husband's personality rubbing off on me). I've realised something as a very new parent, you just cannot control the situation sometimes. I mean not completely. I'll explain further.  Actually this realisation was confirmed by the three A's rule mentioned by Shaykh Alaa Alsayed at the Parenting Matters course. A mum had asked that burning question- how do you deal with the terrible two kids,  always throwing tantrums (Not that Ammarah always does alhamdulillah). The Shaykh answered with a simple solution - the 3 A's. The 3 A's are to avoid, alter and accept. So I changed the subject and told her we're going for a walk - she seemed to like that idea and was happy to get up alhamdulillah :)

Sometimes all these tips and acronyms go out of your mind when you're in the thick of it and you really aren't sure what to do - or maybe it's a new mum thing. Today Ammarah managed to pull a lady's hair on a very hot and crowded bus, not once but 5 times!!! The poor lady who had a little one of her own just really ignored it but I was very embarrassed and apologised until she managed it a 5th time! I couldn't believe it! It was a little funny because Ammarah had a cheeky grin on her face while she was doing it.

Ammarah enjoying the children's area
in Greggs Cafe.

I was glad once we were out of that bus! The fresh air and the flowers and trees calmed Ammarah down and we were off on our way home. :)

I guess people with or around children and babies can very much tolerate to some extent baby behaviour - those without and it's very obvious who they are, will simply tell you or give you that look especially on buses. Of course you don't want to look like that helpless parent who's child controls them, so you at least say 'That's naughty!' And eventually after a few incidents of hair pulling they just may listen! ;)

Any suggestions from other mamas would be much appreciated - feel free to comment below  :)

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  1. Salam Sis! Just stumbled upon your blog.. this post sounds exactly like my daughter! I was going to write about the same thing on my page! Haha, it's crazy how sometimes my little one acts like she is two and she just turned 14 months. You are probably passed that stage now, but all I can say is, people (for the most part) are a lot more understanding than we think! So iA they won't mind it, although we feel terribly embarrassed about it ourselves! Also, I think at this age it's a lot harder since they are a little too small to exactly understand being disciplined! So I will continue to apologize on her behalf, and make the best of the 'pre' terrible twos..before it gets worse ;)

    Check out my blog, I just got started :)