Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Child's play- this is the life! :-)

Whenever I take Ammarah out for the day, whether to the park, to town or just to visit a friend, I remember to pack all the essentials;  the nappies, wipes, some snack or baby smoothie pack but I always seem to forget her toys.  Mostly she's entertained by the outdoors.  She watches people walk by, cars racing past, sometimes we'd be lucky enough to hear the birds tweet.  But most of all she enjoys pointing out the trees and gets super excited by the flower beds in the street and as we pass by well kept front gardens. We point to all the pretty colours of pinks, yellows, reds, whites and recently we've been spotting a lot of purple daisies too. This is probably why I forget to take her toys.  For babies discovering the big wide world, who needs plastic toys and stuffed animals?

But it was a whole new story when we went out to the parenting course.  I thought to myself, how will I keep Ammarah entertained for the whole day session? So luckily I remembered to pack her stacking cups with all the other stuff. This proved to be a hit amongst some of the children Ammarah was around in the mum and tots room.  And it was only then she enjoyed playing with them more, realising she possessed something really exciting that other children wanted.  Of course she squawked at any child who took any of her brightly coloured cups far from her gaze, which was hilarious to watch really.  Although I did mention her name sternly when she was getting out of hand. 

So it was at this course that I discovered Ammarah can be such a mother hen bossing around children so she could be the main little tot pushing the pink stroller up and down the glass balcony.  But I also discovered Ammarah's pen holding grip and mashaAllah it was very good for a baby. She enjoyed scribbling over my notes, just simply copying mama - :). I decided to follow it up by buying some chunky crayons and a colouring book. I know it seems so soon. But when you think your child's ready for something why wait. Ok, except make sure your watching that you're little one doesn't start chewing on the crayon - that wouldn't be good.

And so I started reading up on my trusted What to Expect book by Heidi Murkoff to see what I should be doing with Ammarah at this stage. Here's a useful very brief summary [I've picked out the best suggestions]:

Toys that encourage musical play include drums, tambourines, shakers, horns, xylophones, keyboards or even the easy pots and pans and a wooden spoon will do just fine! :) Now I found the above information very useful myself but I certainly won't be going out buying all the above and nor am I encouraging others to do so. I know I've missed out reading and books - don't worry I've got a whole load to write on that ;)

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