Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A certified Muslim Mama?

'Mama, Mama' says Ammarah pointing to her shoes telling me to put them on her little feet. It took a few times for her to say it  (early one morning while the sun shone and lit up our room) and I realised what she was calling me! As I started to wake up I had such a great feeling inside - She's calling me Mama - It's so cute mashaAllah. She knows who I am, even though I'm sure she always knew who I was but she's confirming it now for myself and everyone as silly as it sounds, I know you mamas know what I mean :)

This was the weekend of the Parenting Matters course run by Al Kauthar in London. My association with going to Islamic courses was something I had done in my single life, a little when married and no experience of a full weekend with baby by my side. So I was excited, nervous but grateful for the opportunity. 

It was at this course, being amongst other mums and toddlers that I had finally merged another aspect of the old me to the new me. And it was at this course, that I had the feeling of embracing mother hood - celebrating the role I now had. It's not that I never did, it's that the realisation of motherhood really dawned on me and I liked it alhamdulillah. Looking around me I realised I was not doing this alone.  

At the Mums Q & A session with Shaykh Alaa AlSayed - Ammarah decided to start showing off her very loud singing voice which meant I walked towards the large window balcony corridor (where she had been playing with a pink stroller earlier) to quieten her down whilst I had one ear in to listen to the questions that were being discussed.

These are just some of the gems I picked up:

More to follow soon inshaAllah - until next time :)

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