Monday, 1 December 2014

Children are our blessings - let's cherish the memories :)

Salaam and Peace to all - after a busy few months of soul searching and no laptop, I somehow remembered I still had this blog and thought I'd give myself a reminder of the blessing of Ammarah in our lives alhamdulillah

So Ammarah is coming up to her 1 and a half year mark in a few weeks mashaAllah - time really does fly! She's started teething again but this time it's the big molars, all four! Alhamdulillah it's been going well.

Ammarah loves her books. So I decided to add to her collection and brought her a Mr Men mini collection. At first she just loved taking the little hard-back books out of their case and putting them back in - now she remembers Mr Bump and Mr Nosey.

She's also attempting to say some words: some of her favourites include - shoes and yes she's very obsessed with them, big boots, boys trainers, flip flops any kind of shoes, you name it - you'll find Ammarah in the landing playing with them! And her favourite sound seems to be 'sh' so the other day as the sun came out, I decided to take her to Hounslow Urban Farm to show her some sheep! We had a lovely time walking with the chickens, waiting for the rabbits to move in their huts, watching the lamas chew their food and even attempting to converse with sheep :) The cutest thing ever was her reaction to the chipmunks who were scurrying about in their cage. Ammarah was literally jumping out of her pram with her mouth wide open in excitement!!

I also found Ammarah imitating the animals. When we strolled passed the lamas who came hurriedly to greet us at the fence, they were chewing their food and I found Ammarah doing the same. It's amazing how children learn!

By remembering these moments and writing them down I feel I as a mama can get through any kind of hardship and difficulty that comes my way. We are so quick to capture memories of great days out or occasions but how often do we go back to them and thank Allah for those blessings? Whilst children are our tests in this life, they are also our biggest blessings. In the same way in every hardship we encounter we can certainly find some ease. So not everyday is going to be like this but cherish every moment - from the mess they make on brand new carpet to the cheeky smiles they show you after. From the endless nappies and sleepless nights and non-stop breastfeeding sessions, know it was all just worth it because you are raising the next generation of Muslims, the ambassadors of our faith to carry on this message of Islam inshaAllah.

May Allah swt bless us all with patience, and strong will power to count our blessings in times of hardship inshaAllah. Ameen.

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